BLM British Lead Sheet

We are the UK's leading Rolled Lead Sheet manufacturing company. Being part of ECOBAT Technologies, the world’s largest producer and recycler of Lead with production facilities throughout Europe, USA and South Africa, we continuously challenge ourselves to provide our customers with the best quality products and to develop our business sustainably.

The BLM site in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, which started production in 1932, is home of one of the UK's most advanced rolling mills, state of the art robotic finishing lines and the UK’s largest recycling facility for Lead recovered from construction demolition. Decades of experience combined with the latest technology makes us unique and distinctive.

The wealth of expertise that we possess, together with the technology at our disposal, ensures the Rolled Lead Sheet we produce meets the strict tolerances of British Standard BS EN 12588 using 100% recycled raw material. Two rolling mills give us the capacity to produce50,000 tonnes of Rolled Lead Sheet annually. We also supply a full range of ancillary products to ensure our clients have everything required to complete the full range of applications from basic flashings to the most complex detailed Leadwork.

BS EN 12588 Guarantees:

A range of standard thicknesses with a tolerance of +/- 2%

The alloy used conforms to quality of not less than 99.93% - 99.97% Lead

Improved durability Lead is produced to seven standard Code thicknesses

1 MM, 1.5MM, 2MM, 3MM, 5MM, 6MM

The Code numbers were derived from the imperial weight of a piece of the Lead measuring 1 square metre.

For example, Code 1 weighed 11.34kg per square metre.

With the introduction of the British Standard, the emphasis changed to the thickness rather than its weight per area.

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