Devcon 10240 Plastic Steel 5 Minute Putty (SF) 1LB

Fast-curing, steel-filled epoxy for dependable emergency repairs in less than one hour.  

Key Features : 

  • Hardens in one hour 
  • Mixes, applies, and cures at temperatures as low as 40°F
  • Cures to a tough, steel-filled material
  • Can be machined, drilled, tapped, or sanded
  • Listed under NSN stock #8030-00-229-8734
  • Open Time: 5 Minutes
  • Gap Fill: .0625″ – .075″
  • Can be machined, drilled, tapped or sanded
  • Bonds to aluminum, concrete and many other metals
  • Resists chemicals and most acids, bases, solvents and alkalis
  • Applies easily to vertical surfaces
  • Machinable to metallic finish


  • Restores Worn or Fatiqued Metals, Patches Castings, Makes Jigs and Fixtures, Rebuilds Pump and Valve Bodies, Restores Bearing Journals and Races

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