New engine design is putting an increasing emphasis on space saving. Small pulley diameters necessitating thin, flexible belts are often the result. Being extremely elastic and dimensionally stable, optibelt RBK ribbed belts can adapt to the respective drive geometry.

optibelt RBK ribbed belts drive the ancillary components in cars. They reduce vibration and give the generator, air-conditioning compressor and the power steering pump the right spin.

optibelt RBK ribbed belts are available as double sided belts or elastic belts.
Important: Elastic ribbed belts must never be used as a replacement for normal ribbed belts. At Optibelt you can recognise the elastic ribbed belts by the additional "E" in the item number, e.g. 6 EPK 842. Double sided ribbed belts have the item number suffix “DPK”.
Sections and lengths
2 PJ 786-905 mm
3 PK / EPK 560-1220 mm
4 PK / EPK 560-1770 mm
5 PK / EPK 580-2063 mm
6 PK / DPK / EPK 675-2870 mm
7 PK / DPK 880-3135 mm
8 PK 980-2465 mm

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