Repair kit for cars with ribbed belt

Ribbed belt replaced - problem solved? Not always. Belts are not the only things affected by wear, other components are often affected too. The solution: the proven Optibelt repair kits. 

These are also available as the optibelt REPAIR KIT RBK for ancillary units in cars and vans. optibelt KIT RBK includes all of the necessary precision-fit components, made to Optibelt's renowned OEM quality standard.
In addition to the optibelt RBK ribbed belts, the set includes the associated tension and guide idler pulleys appropriate to the type of vehicle application.

A change sticker allows you to tick off the components you have replaced and differentiates between belts, tension idlers and guide idler pulleys.

Package dimensions
Size 1 261 x 154 x 94 mm
Size 2 374 x 212 x 142 mm

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