Ribbed belts

The optibelt TRUCK POWER RBK is a high performance ribbed belt for all modern ancillary component drives in commercial vehicles. Due to its high level of flexibility, this belt construction enables ancillary components to be configured in a space saving way in the ever-increasing constraints of the commercial vehicles of today. Even when exposed to environmental influences such as dust, moisture and extreme temperatures, optibelt TRUCK POWER RBK provides secure and silent power transmission. the optibelt TRUCK POWER RBK satisfies vehicle manufacturer requirements and achieves the highest level of operational performance.
Sections and lengths
4 PK 1025-1455 mm
5 PK 1010-1540 mm
6 PK 880-2415 mm
7 PK 1215-2875 mm
8 PK 800-2605 mm
9 PK 1200-4145 mm
10 PK 1005-2335 mm
11 PK 1515-2871 mm
12 PK 1165-2500 mm
14 PK 1305 mm
15 PK 938-954 mm