X-ray protection curtain material

Food inspection systems

Worldwide unique FDA -proof curtain material for X-ray inspection systems – suitable for direct contact with food.

The lead free X-ray protection quality optibelt ELASTOMIT-R FDA 115A was specially developed as curtain material for use in X-ray protection systems for detecting packaged and unpackaged food.

This product from Optibelt has a further unique feature: optibelt ELASTOMIT-R FDA 115A material was tested on the basis of the US Food and Drug Association (FDA) according to test 21 CFR 177.2600 (e) and 177.2600 (f). This is unique in this field of use. 

Available wound up on cardboard tubes with a standard width of 1200mm. On request, our sheeting can also be delivered in strips with widths starting from 40mm.

Product specifications
Matrix Rubber
Colour Black
Surface finish lacquered
Lead equivalent from 0.125 mm Pb
Mass per unit area min. 2000 g/m²
Tensile strength (min.), longitudinal 60 daN /25mm
Temperature resistance -40°C bis +70°C

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