X-ray protection curtain material

Luggage scanner

Safety is the top priority in air and rail travel and transport, including luggage. That’s why every piece of luggage is screened in an X-ray inspection system – several hundred per hour, totalling thousands per day. Withstanding these conditions calls for a reliable curtain material which affords continuous protection against X-rays. 

optibelt ELASTOMIT-R 1403038A X-ray protection material is specially designed for this purpose – for screening goods and luggage. 

Optibelt offers X-ray protection curtain material with a high degree of flexibility and slippage and thus low abrasion. The lead rubber core with fabric inserts from a lead equivalent of 0.125mm Pb offers reliable protection against X-rays.

optibelt ELASTOMIT – R 1403038A is available wound up on cardboard tubes with a standard width of 1200mm. If required, our sheeting can also be delivered in strips with widths starting from 40mm..

Product specifications
Matrix NR / BR (natural rubber/ butadiene rubber)
Colour Black
Surface finish lead free, abrasion resistant rubber surface on both sides
Lead equivalent from 0.25 mm Pb
Mass per unit area min. 4280 g/m²
Tensile strength (min.), longitudinal 75 daN / 50 mm
Temperature resistance - 40 °C up to + 70 °C

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