FRP/GRP Gratings

FRP Moulded Gratings
Ferrotech FRP Moulded Gratings are designed to provide long lasting performance on harsh environment including chemicals, construction, railway, and water treatment.

STP, Offshore Rigs, Industrial Plants, and marine industry, etc. FRP Gratings are significant economic and are designated for safer access. FRP Gratings can substitute steel Gratings that need frequent maintenance or to be applied under corrosive environments.

Corrosion Resistant
FRP Moulded & Pultruded Gratings are manufactured using Fiber Glass Strands and premium thermosetting resins Such as Polyester, Isophthalic, Vinyl Ester, Phenolic, depending on the specific application.

Fire Retardant
FRP Gratings are halogen free, which in case of fire, the smoke released has very low toxins. The Gratings are engineered to have CLASS 1 (flame spread of < 25) as tested accordance to ASTM E-84 Norms. They also meet the self-extinguishing requirements of ASTM D-635. The formulation is classified as M1-F1/M2-F2 according to AFNOR NF-P 92501. FRP Gratings have the advantage of anti-conduct of electricity, fire prevention and non-magnetic properties.

Maintenance free
Steel gratings have low initial cost than FRP Gratings, but considering the life cycle costs and replacement costs, FRP Gratings becomes more economical and does not require sandblasting, scraping or coated for many years.

Ergonomic Benefits
Ferrotech FRP Gratings when loaded have a "slight" deflection which is less stiff compared to traditional steel gratings. This ergonomic features decreases worker fatigue & Strain to the knees and back.

Light Weight
FRP Gratings weigh less than one half of the steel gratings, which reduces the weight on structure and also increases safety during handling & no heavy lifting equipment are required for installation.

Mechanical Resistance
Mechanical Properties of FRP pultruded gratings are comparable to steel gratings this maintaining equivalent supporting spans, the energy of heavy objects falling on the gratings can be absorbed and the panels do not deform permanently.

Slip resistance
FRP Gratings are manufactured with a special anti-slip surface using integrated quartz grains to decrease the risk of slips and falls. Thus, guarantees exceptional foothold even with presence of water, oil and grease.

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