Step Iron

Ferrograte is a world leading manufacturer of infrastructure access equipment for the water and waste water industries. We designs & manufactures quality access equipment with Cast Iron with GI Finish, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Plastic encapsulated and FRP.

Step Irons generally used in Sewer man holes, Storm Water, Inspection Man holes, Water line man holes etc .In old days steel rings fixed to concrete structure used to enter and come out of the man holes.

Our Step Irons are produced as per the standard BS1247
BS 1247-1 – Manhole steps. Specification for galvanized ferrous or stainless steel manhole steps
BS 1247-2 – Manhole steps. Specification for plastics encapsulated manhole steps
BS 1247-3 – Manhole steps. Specification for aluminium manhole steps

- Superior impact strength
- Usability in a wide range of temperatures -40 degrees to 120 degrees
- Excellent electrical insulation capability
- Excellent precision moulding properties and dimensional stability
- Low moisture absorption
- Excellent weather resistance
- Superior in self-extinguishing capabilities
- Superior transparency
- The design incorporates a non slip tread and resistance to side slippage
- No painting or other protective coating required

Colour: Standard colour is yellow, can be change upon customer request for bulk orders.

Our Most Common Sizes are

Cast Iron, Anti Slip top, Hot Dip Galvanized

Cast Iron, Anti Slip top, Bolted Type, Hot Dip Galvanized

PVC encapsulated steps – Recommended for use in chemically aggressive locations such as sewer access chambers

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