BAKERLOK / FORUMLOK Thread-Locking Compound 199-50

BAKERLOK/FORUMLOK Thread-Locking Compound 199-50


One (1) Bakerlok® kit contains:

- One (1) 8 oz per can of Bakerlok® thread-locking compound

- One (1) Hardener vial

- One (1) Applicator.



- Withstands high breakout torque: (field trials in temperatures ranging from 50 C (122F) through 400 Celsius (752F) at the bottom of the borehole, showed Bakerlok® withstands superior torque loads, than a typical joint with 3-point welding with 2 inch beads.


- Easy Mixing: Bakerlok® thread locking compound is specially formulated to ensure a stable mixing consistency in most operational environments.


- Long "Potlife" after mixing: Special formulation (catalyst and compound) in Bakerlok® insures a "potlife" in excess of one hour; even at high.

- Unchanged by vibration: At 400 C (752F) Bakerlok® treated joint was subjected to a steady breakout torque for 8 hours, white being subjected to continuous Air Hammer vibration. Breakout torque was increased to reach six times the prescribed 3,300ft-lb makeup torque, before the joint finally broke.

- High Lubricity: Tests were conducted using Bakerlok® side by side with API modified thread dope. With the same amount of torque, the Bakerlok® treated joint was cooler, than the joint treated with standard thread dope

- Leak-proof seal: Couplings made up with Bakerlok® thread locking compound, using standard toque, were tested with water pressures in excess of the listed bursting force of the casing, without any signs of leakage.

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