FA-165EX Zone 1 Helideck Status Light

Visibility: per CAP 437 requirements
Ideal for: warning if conditions on an installation are potentially hazardous to a helicopter or its occupants

The  FA-165EX Helideck Status Light is a ZONE 1 rated, red flashing omnidirectional light designed for offshore Oil and Gas Drilling & Production Platforms and FPSO applications.  Compliant with CAP 437, the FA-165EX Helideck Status Light consists of an array of high flux LEDs mounted inside an ATEX & IECEx certified flameproof transparent enclosure.


  • Zone 1 and Safe Area options
  • CAP 437 Certified
  • Transparent enclosure is comprised of a cast base of marine grade aluminum, an upper section with a tempered glass globe cemented into a support ring
  • LEDs are mounted on metal core PCBs and heatsinks to cool the LED arrays without a cooling fan
  • This highly efficient, passive, cooling system gives the LED array the highest design life in the marketplace (60,000 hours)
  • Closed-Coupled 316L Ex’e’ terminal box for ease of field wiring
  • The external control panel comes in both Safe and Hazardous Area Enclosures with voltage regulation, monitoring and LED drive circuits for multiple Helideck Status Lights or Repeater Lights depending on customer requirement
  • Typical Controls include activate/deactivate operation control switch and timed dimming from F&G Panel, Crane Switch and others as needed


EC-Type Examination Certification

Certificate No.: ITS10ATEX17055X
Coding: II 2 G Ex d IIB T5 Tamb -20° C to +55° C Gb
Optional: Tamb -40°C to + 55°C Gb

Certificate No.: IECEx ITS 10.0041X
Coding: Ex d IIB T5 Tamb -40°C/-20°C to +55°C Gb
(Dependent on Model)

Certificate No.: NCC 17.0084 X
(INMETRO – Brazilian Market)
Coding: Ex d IIB T5 Gb Tamb -20°C to +55°C
Optional: Tamb -40°C to +55°C

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