WS-Hazardous Area LED Lighted Windsock

Visibility: per CAP 437 guidelines and ICAO Annex 14
Ideal for: offshore oil & gas platforms, drilling rigs and FPSOs

The WS-Hazardous Area LED Lighted Windsock is an LED based lighted Windsock for offshore helidecks on platforms, drilling rigs and floating production systems (FPSOs).


  • Windsock is internally illuminated
  • Utilizes advanced LED lighting technology coupled with certified components, lighting fixtures and slip rings to give exceptional service life with very low maintenance
  • Stainless steel stanchion and cast marine grade aluminum lighting fixtures with toughened glass globe provide superior performance to plastic products in high temperature, high UV and chemically contaminated marine environments
  • Windsock does not interfere with a pilot’s night vision
  • Provides reliable wind direction and wind speed indications
  • Lighting complies with CAP 437 guidelines and ICAO Annex 14
  • Suitable for installation in either NEC 500/505 Class 1 Div. 2, Zone 2, or ATEX/IECEx Zone 1, depending on configuration

Windsock Lighting Fixtures:

FA-165: 3 watt Red LED Array aviation obstruction light conforming to 10 candela ICAO standard or a 20 watt   50 to 200 candela to CAP 168 Group B

FA-167: 15 Watt Array of individual White LEDs specifically designed to provide superior internal illumination for windsocks

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