Industrial Grade Solar Power Systems

Ideal for: offshore oil & gas production platforms, offshore wind farms, remote locations

Use of solar systems to power aids to  navigation and obstruction lights is now common practice. PMAPI pioneered solar powered aids to navigation with installations in the Gulf of Mexico in the late 1960s.  Having installed over 20,000 solar power systems, these systems have been proven to be more reliable, more cost effective and easier to maintain than conventional power sources. PMAPI has the expertise to fully customize systems to meet customer specific requirements that standup to the offshore environment. Our many years of collective experience in this field makes us the best option for industrial solar array systems.


  • System components include:
  • Solar array of 1 or more modules
  • Batteries (to store sun-generated energy until required)
  • Power conditioning devices to prevent overcharging of the battery and loss of power through the array at nighttime
  • Power distribution equipment
  • Battery housings
  • The devices must complement each other for maximum reliability and economy in the intended application
  • Our computer programs match array and battery requirements to power a given load virtually anywhere on earth
  • Array structures are custom designed to customer’s site conditions
  • Many customers choose to mount all the solar modules on one array structure but wire groups of modules to operate as independent power systems dedicated to a single system load
  • Platform Safety: Systems may be designed to be fully compliant with NEC Class 1, Division 2 Hazardous Areas requirements or IEC Zone 1 or Zone 2 Hazardous Areas

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