TVR Series Battery Chargers

Ideal for: offshore UPS systems, aids to navigation systems & more

Battery chargers are used to convert energy from an AC source into a DC level for storage in a rechargeable battery. Generally, the energy is alternating current from a commercial source or a generator. This energy is rectified to direct current at the proper voltage and fed into a battery. The chargers are constant voltage devices which regulate the current depending upon the state of charge of the battery.

As the battery discharges, more current is supplied to recharge it. Should AC power fail, the charger will not consume energy from the battery. This assures full standby service from the battery to the load. PMAPI chargers are solid state SCR regulated with no moving parts except meters. All components are conservatively rated and the entire charger is designed for use in the harsh maritime environment.


  • Currently limiting transformer and input and output protective current interrupting devices
  • Dual output unit senses both batteries and directs the majority of the charging current to the battery with the lowest charge
  • All charges can be easily converted from 115 volt AC input to 240 colt AC input.
  • Class 1 Div 2 Group C & D T6

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