Mco庐 Outerwrap

Application Procedures

Pre-apply any of Trenton’s coatings and then, with only enough tension to keep the slack out, spiral wrap MCO outerwrap with at least a 50% overlap (use 80% overlap when needed in high stress areas such as transition pipe in clay soils). Make sure MCO outerwrap is extended out past the new coating on both ends for better anchoring. At the end of the last roll, brush on MCO outerwrap end adhesive to prevent possible unraveling before the wrap has cured.


Rolls are individually vacuum-packed in foil bags.
4″ x 4′ roll (1.33 sq.ft/roll)
4” x 12’ roll (4.0 sq ft / roll)
4” x 27’ roll (9.0 sq ft / roll)
6” x 27’ roll (13.5 sq ft / roll)
9″ x 40′ roll (30.0 sq ft/roll)
NOTE: Alternative sizes may be available at an additional cost.


Color Black
Average thickness 30 mil (when cured)*
Application temperatures -20°F to 125°F(-29°C to 52°C)
Pipe operating temperatures -30°F to 250°F(-34°C to 121°C)**

*Thickness depends on amount of overlap.
**Trenton Wax-Tape wraps have a maximum operating temperature of 125°F (52°C)


  • Adds mechanical protection to soft coatings
  • Superior protection against soil stress
  • Protection against backfill
  • A “hard shell” coating that may be painted

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