Guard-Wrap™ Outerwrap

Application Procedure

Pre-apply Innercoat® to the pipe surface and then spiral wrap or cigarette wrap Guard-Wrap over the Innercoat. Guard-Wrap can be used as a “granny rag”. Guard-Wrap can also be dipped in hot Innercoat and applied in pieces to irregular surfaces that have been previously coated.


In cardboard cartons containing 50 sq. yds.
6″ x 150′ rolls (6 rolls per carton)
12″ x 150′ rolls (3 rolls per carton)
9″ x 150′ rolls (4 rolls per carton)
18″ x 150′ rolls (2 rolls per carton)


Color Brown
Saturant melt point 135-150°F
Plastic membrane .5 mil
Thickness 10.14 mils
Dielectric strength 3500 volts/mil


  • Withstands hot-application temperatures
  • A two-part wrapper (plastic mat and film) for extra mechanical strength
  • Excellent dielectric strength
  • Conformable to irregular shapes
  • Composed of inert materials
  • Resistant to chemicals and bacteria

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