Glas-Wrap™ Outerwrap


Glas-Wrap is a white, resin coated, woven fiber- glass fabric.

End Use

Used as an overwrap for Trenton’s #1 Wax-Tape® for additional protection against light backfill.

Application Procedure

Wearing gloves, apply Glas-Wrap over the #1 Wax-Tape using 1″ overlap, rubbing firmly onto the Wax-Tape.


Tensile strength (per one inch width) 85 lbs min
Thread count per inch
Warp threads 20
Fill threads 10
Thickness .005 in.
Color White


4″ x 150′ rolls (18 per case)
6″ x 150′ rolls (12 per case)
12″ x 150′ rolls (6 per case)
100 sq. yds. per case, 13 lbs. per case

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