Xiameter Pmx-200 Silicone Fluids

Xiameter PMX 200 Silicone Fluids are chemicaly equivalent to the Dow Corning 200 Silicone Fluids. They are used in many applications, have many different functions and their high quality is recognized and known world-wide. 

DGE, which Ulbrich is part of, is Europes largest distributor of Xiameter silicone fluids. We can offer you a full range of PMX-200 silicone fluids from our central or local country stock. As authorized repacker of Xiameter fluids we can also offer small packaging like pails and cans.  

They are avaliable different viscosity ranges:
  • Low viscosities (0,65 cS to 20 cS)
  • Intermediate viscositites (50 cS to 1.000 cS)
  • High Viscosities (2.000 cS  to 60.000 cS)
  • Ultra high viscosities (100.000 cS to 1.000.000 cS)

Xiameter PMX Fluids applications:
  • Carrier Fluids 
  • Callibration bath fluids
  • Waterproofing Agents 
  • Emulsifiers and Demulsifiers 
  • Additives for Paints and Inks 
  • Antifoams and Defoamers 
  • Heat Transfer Fluids 
  • Polyurethane Foam Stabilizers 
  • Transformer Fluids 
  • Gloss and Shine Enhancers 
  • Hydraulic Fluids 
  • Reactive Intermediates 
  • Damping Liquids 
  • Release Agents 
  • Lubricants 
  • Softeners and Conditioners 
  • Surfactants

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