FA-166EX Hazardous Area Spot/Flood Light

Visibility: 8000 Lumens
Ideal for: internal illumination of windsocks used for helidecks and other area illumination requirements

The FA-166EX Hazardous Area Fixture is engineered to perform multiple lighting functions on offshore production platforms and drilling rigs. Its rugged, heavy-duty construction provides superior performance to plastic products in high temperature and high UV marine environments.


  • On approximately 22.5m x 22.35m helideck, the average illumination values are 18.8 lux for the “H” and 20.6 lux for the helideck.
  • Features high flux LED arrays mounted on a stainless steel, parabolic reflector; highly efficient reflector uses a state of the art dichroic hybrid spectral metal coating
  • LEDs are mounted on metal core PCBs with patented integrated heat pipes to cool the LED arrays without a cooling fan
  • LED array has the highest design life in the marketplace (greater than 60,000 hour)
  • Higher output with lower power consumption
  • Meets CAP437 and ICAO signaling requirements
  • 3° vertical by 35° horizontal illumination for helidecks and other area illumination
  • Once installed, no maintenance required
  • Electronic controller is housed in a separate housing that can be located as much as 500 meters away from the light
  • Controller provides current limiting to the LED array


FM Approved
Class 1, Div. 1, Groups B, C, D
Class 1, Zones 1, Groups IIB+H2, IIA
Ta -20°C to +40°C

EExd IIC T6 or T5
T80°C or T90°C
Ex d IIC T6 or T5

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