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Lead is a naturally occurring heavy metal that is soft, malleable and corrosion-resistant. It is one of the
oldest and most durable materials commonly used today.
Shielding from the effects of radiation in
Sound Insulation
Lead has the flexibility and all the properties
Naval / Maritime
Our Lead is used by leading corporations in
the Naval/Maritime for ballast, buoyancy
control, corrosion resistance as well as
radiation shielding due to our best
manufacturing practice and quality control.
Manufactured with an absolute commitment
to quality and performance, our Rolled Lead
Sheet achieves BS EN 12588 ensuring a
precise predetermined thickness.
essential, life saving technology is a core
function of Lead. We supply some of the
largest fabricators who utilise Lead in
producing scanning and diagnostical
flexibility, needed to make a good sound barrier. With
Lead, it is impossible to radiate sound and
very difficult to be set into vibration. Our
Lead for this application is used as far afield
as South East Asia.