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Expanded Metals are made from sheets of solid metals that are slit and stretched with each stroke of the upper die thus forming a raised diamond pattern.

This pattern is called regular or standard. The pattern varies by the gauge and type of material, and the size of the diamond.The sheets of Expanded Metal can also be flattened by rollers for an optional style by passing them through a cold, roll reducing mill.

Expanded metal are also manufactured in heavy gauges for applications such as walkways, ramps, and catwalks of all types. Frequently, the heavier gratings and catwalks are used in the industrial plants for flooring.

Due to the flexibility in materials and the sizes that it can be manufactured, Expanded Metal has a large application in filtration purposes. Thicker sizes with apertures above ½” also have certain general purpose applications like security partitioning and covering.

The Expanded Metals are manufactured in Mild Steel (M.S.), Galvanised Iron (G.I.), Stainless Steel 304, 316 (S.S.) and Aluminum ( AL.) from 0.5 mm opening to 50 mm opening in varying thickness.