Innercoat® Hot-Applied Wax Coating System

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The combination of Innercoat® Hot-Applied Wax and Guard-Wrap™ wrapper is used to prevent corrosion of belowground metal structures. Innercoat® is a microcrystalline wax blend that has been successfully used as a pipe coating for over 50 years. Innercoat® hot wax coating is ideally suited for the job of protecting against corrosion. It has first-rate waterproofing characteristics because of its low moisture absorption and low rate of moisture transmission. Also, it is an exceptional dielectric barrier with high electrical resistance. When heated to a liquid for application to the pipe surface, Innercoat® has an oil-like consistency that penetrates the pores of the metal, thoroughly wetting the surface. Even after hardening, it continues to be pliable or “live,” allowing the wax coating to “flex” with the pipe as it moves due to underground stress and temperature variations. It is inert and will not change in character or composition over time, as well as being resistant to chemicals and bacteria commonly found in soils. Innercoat® is applied hot, but quickly cools and hardens and can be backfilled immediately after application of Guard-Wrap™ wrapper.

Guard-Wrap™ is composed of a plastic mat and film, saturated with microcrystalline wax that is used to provide additional mechanical protection against backfill stress and impact, while also providing an additional dielectric barrier. Because of its conformability to irregular shapes, it is an excellent wrapper for fittings as well as straight pipe. Guard-Wrap™ is composed of inert materials that will not deteriorate underground, and is resistant to chemicals and bacteria commonly found in soils. Innercoat and Guard-Wrap™ in combination are outstanding anti-corrosion materials for new service installations, field patching, weld seam cutbacks and pipeline reconditioning.