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Different types of belts available

The different kind of belts include Balanced Belts, Double Balanced belts, Gratex Belts, Duplex Belts, Compound Balanced Belts, Flat Wire Belts and Flat Flex Belts. These belts are specially manufactured in spring steel, galvanised, stainless steel material etc. The size of the belt can be customised within the maximum range possible, kindly refer to specifications below.


Typical Applications:

In food processing, these belts are used in washing, baking, de-watering, blanching, cooling, freezing, pasteurizing and de-palletizing.

In glass & ceramics, this finds wide use in firing decorating, enameling and annealing, and for curing fibre glass. In electronics, this can be used for glass-to-metal sealing, thick-film firing and drying of printed circuit boards. In metal working, the range is from general conveying to heat-treating, quenching, calcining, annealing and related processes.

Conveyor belts are made by wire or metal strap, in different linked shapes and form a flat weave, load bearing, flexible. The size and thickness is available as per specification.